The Bird's Basement Show Episode 5 - The extraordinary Musical Career of Bill Evans, the Singer/Sax player

Bill Evans the Sax player is the namesake of the late Bill Evans the piano player. Bill also plays piano but he is most known for his Sax playing and lately for his singing. Like his name sake, he too played with Miles Davis and is on an incredible musical journey, playing with legends at the highest level. Bill Evans is playing at Bird’s at the end of May 2017, coming with his band featuring guitarist Dean Brown. In this podcast Bill shares many stories about his work with Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin. Mike Stern and many others. Tracks played on this podcast are "Forbidden Faffodils " featuring Steve Lukaht, a track that was recorded live in Triest Italy with the Bill Evans band and Jean Pierre, The Mile Davies Quintet in Berlin playing "Milestones"

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The Bird's Basement Show Episode 4 - Joe Chindamo insights 

This episode with Joe Chindamo, pianist composer extraordinaire, took place in Joe’s own house. Perhaps I will avoid Joe’s house next time making a podcast as his dog Louis, was hyperactive that day… we managed to rescue the most important parts of the interview. In this podcast Joe provides insights about composition, his views on both classical music and jazz, on what made him leap frog towards becoming an accomplished classical musician. You won’t be surprised to hear that a woman is front and centre of his transformation. Music track on this podcast: from the New Goldbergs, variation #13. Variation #20, But not for me (Joe at Umbria Jazz), Swinging Scaturday (with Olivia Chindamo), Moon River from the Dream Time album.

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The Bird's Basement Show Episode 3 - Interview with Joe Farnsworth


Joe Farnsworth is a drummer with an extraordinary ability. He has played with legends like Pharaoh Sanders, McCoy Tyner, Cedar Walton and so many other musical figures that have made the history of Jazz. Joe brings the tradition of Jazz to Bird's Basement this week and we are honored to have such talent in residence. He shares in this podcast intimate details of his musical upbringing and talk to Albare about his art.

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The Bird's Basement Show Episode 2 - Interview with Avery* Sunshin


Avery*Sunshine plays at Bird's Basement until May 7. Albare dropped by their sound check today, on his quest as to what makes great musicians rise to the top, he received some insights from Denise and her guitarist husband Dana Johnson.

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The Bird's Basement Show Episode 1 - Interview with St. Paul

St. Paul talks about his relationship with Prince and the journey that got him to be St. Paul, on the cutting edge of Funk.

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