Ethel Chop

Mrs Ethel Chop travels the country wooing crowds with her beauty, common sense and no -nonsense attitude to life, honed by living through two world wars and the Great Depression. She's had numerous occupations over the years including assembly line work at a munitions factory during The War, arranging flowers for her local church and operating a backpackers hostel out of her chook shed.  Ethel even tried her hand at amateur taxidermy after the death of her beloved dog Bimbo.

Many things concern Ethel: unemployment, incorrect bus timetables and the lack of manners in the youth of today.  A staunch advocate of neck-to-knee polyester Ethel has graced the country's TV screens and been heard on the wireless via Triple J, Triple M and 2DayFM.

She also wrote the highly informative book Strain Your Gherkins which details how to live in the modern world without turning into a loopdeloo nutbag and going gaga in the meninges.

Danny McGinlay

A touring headline comedian for over a decade, Danny has performed on four continents, performed for Royalty, Prime Ministers and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Danny has been on the television numerous times: Utopia, The Project, The Footy Show, Rove [Live], The Circle, Santo Sam & Ed’s Total Football, The Mansion, City Homicide, Stand Up Australia, and he had one line in Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Pacific’.

He made his Hollywood debut in the Nicolas Cage thriller ‘Knowing’. He appears in the pivotal opening scene, meaning if you list the cast in order of appearance, he almost has top billing.

Despite all of these achievements, he is best known for writing funny things for footballers to run through. He’s okay with this. Go Dogs.

Des Dowling 

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then Des Dowling's career is a vindaloo of life threatening intensity. 

He spent the early years of his career as a news and current affairs reporter for ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 9. 

Des decided making people laugh, rather than making them cry, was a far more noble way to earn a living. 

Over the past 15 years, he's headlined at Australia's premier comedy clubs and performed his own sold out comedy/sketch show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Combining his comedic and television skills he worked for two years writing and directing sketches for the hugely successful "AFL Footy Show" and also wrote and directed Ch 10's, Logie nominated, comedy mockumentary series "Mark Loves Sharon".

When he's not behind the camera, Des is in front of it, working as a presenter on Ch 7's Kinne and Look at Property as well as Ch 9's Manspace and ABC TV's Agony Uncles. 

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