Fabulous diva the music of Dr Nina Simone is an acclaimed show performed by Ruth Rogers-Wright.

The show is tribute covering a few of the 600 songs that the late diva Simone recorded.  And also original song and beat poem and the excellent piano of Mark Fitzgibbon. 

Acclaimed by many, 4 stars at Edinburgh festival, the show is a channeling of the energy and spirit of Nina Simone. Back by popular demand at Bird’s Basement, the show is not to be missed.

Ruth Rogers-Wright originally from London is a songstress herself and brings to the performance an edge and a hint of the madness that made up a Nina Simone concert. With anecdotes and gossip hinting at the Diva’s life the show is like an abstract brush stroke on a fabulous diva which indeed Nina Simone could truly be described.

Born on February 21st 1933 died in April 2003 the star and eclectic drama of Nina Simone is still relevant and influential today.

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