with special guests Deborah Conway, Husky, Troy McMillin, Janine Maunder, Paul Williamson

In 1980, on the back of his Grammy award winning album Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon made a film about the touring musician’s life, using his studio band. At the peak of his explorations into jazz, funk and fusion, Simon crafted an album that has become a cult obsession for many musicians and music fans around the world, called One Trick Pony

Featuring a legendary line up of sophisticated groove players with heavy jazz credentials (Steve Gadd, Richard Tee, Eric Gale, Tony Levin etc.), the album had a major single "Late In The Evening" which gave Simon’s already much decorated career another hit, a feat not repeated until his iconic Graceland album of the mid 80s. 

This all-star band has been put together to capture the sound of Paul Simon from 1975 - 1980, the vibe of Simon's particular band of the time and his unique marriages of evocative poetry with funk and jazz. 

Featuring guest vocalists who all share a deep love of this period of Simon’s career, the concert will also include some other tunes from Still Crazy and the late 70s' Paul Simon Songbook.  


Simon Starr - bass, vocals,

Jonathan Skovron - guitar, vocals

Darren Farrugia - drums

Brett Rosenberg - keys

Haydn Meggitt - percussion, vocals

Paul Williamson - saxophone, vocals

Deborah Conway, Janine Maunder, Husky, Troy McMillin - vocals

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