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07/10/2016 | Latest News

From 11 to 16 October,  Bird’s Basement is privileged to host The ZAWINUL LEGACY - a band curated by Tony Zawinul, Joe's own son.

Created by Tony Zawinul to honour his late father Joe Zawinul and his groundbreaking work as a composer and performer, the Zawinul Legacy Band reignites the music of Weather Report and Joe Zawinul’s group the Zawinul Syndicate in electrifying performances around the globe. 

Going beyond a ‘tribute’ band, the incredible musicians who form the core of the group have first-hand experience performing and recording with Joe Zawinul and Weather Report, giving them invaluable insight into the creativity and energy infused in performances of Joe’s music.

The Zawinul Legacy Band has welcomed new players who embody the spirit of Joe’s music. The group’s virtuosic performances evoke and honour Joe and the original Weather Report and Syndicate shows. The Zawinul Legacy Band remains the only authorised ensemble to recreate this magic while evolving with their updated sound, catching the attention of audiences everywhere.

Musicians: Hadrien Feraud - base, Katisse Buckingham - wind instrument, Scott Kinsey - keyboards, Kirk Covington - drums



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