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Join us for an exciting celebration of two of the most powerful and influential bands on the planet!

'Chicago' and 'Blood Sweat & Tears' have racked up a huge amount of hits throughout the last few decades, with both bands still going strong today.

Anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary rock music, will recall the massive radio hits of American horn band Blood Sweat & Tears, with songs such as 'Spinning Wheel', 'You made me so very happy', 'When I die' and 'Hi De Ho', and 'More & more'.

These hits were equalled by fellow USA band Chicago, with their progressive fusion of rock and blues, with a songbook including 'Make me smile', 'Saturday in the park', '25 or 6 to 4', 'Does anybody know what time it is', and ''Beginnings'. You'll be surprised at how many of these amazing songs you'll know...

Jeff Duff will take on the vocal challenge alongside the hottest musicians in Australia for this momentous prepared to be blown away by the incredible musicianship on display!

This will be a truly unforgettable night, featuring some of the most incredible rock music played by Australia's finest! Limited tickets, so don't be the last in the queue!

"Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye and now Duffo" - Andy Warhol


  • Jeff Duff - Vocals
  • Ralph Marshall - Bass + Vocals
  • Dale Genner - Keyboards
  • Clive Lendich - Guitar
  • Mitch Farmer - Drums
  • Ralph Pyl - Trumpet
  • Graham Jesse - Saxophone
  • Mark Barnsley - Trombone

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Early Doors Open: 6:00 pm

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