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A truly electrifying musical spectacle that captured the essence of the Australian rock band's energy and charisma. Held at London's iconic Wembley Stadium, the performance showcased INXS at the height of their fame, drawing a massive crowd of over 72,000 enthusiastic fans.

With its grand production, dynamic lighting, and seamless camerawork LIVE BABY LIVE was innovative for its time, making it a visually striking and sonically impressive experience. "Live Baby Live" at Wembley remains a testament to INXS's prowess as live performers and a cherished memory for fans worldwide.

Get Set Productions, the team that brought you the successful acoustic show MYSTIFY: The Songbook of INXS is back and proud to present MYSTIFY: The INXS Tribute LIVE BABY LIVE edition showcasing the full 1991 Wembley performance. With his distinctive style and energetic performances, LEE HARDING is once again at the helm as he and a dynamic five-piece band pay homage to the 1991 spectacular.

“Harding embodies Hutchence to a tea. With his sultry voice and stage persona Harding does the INXS songs, and tribute to Hutchence, complete justice,” Rocker Rag

"There have been many rock stars who have influenced my life, but INXS, they changed my life,” says Lee Harding.

"Michael Hutchence just had something so different about him. The pure way he was on and off the stage just spoke to me...the ease of how he would command a stage, and audience, no matter the size was something I knew I wanted to do as well,” Lee Harding.

Mystify: The INXS Tribute LIVE BABY LIVE edition will showcase the full Wembley performance featuring INXS’ biggest hits, including "Need You Tonight," "New Sensation," and "Devil Inside" — Be prepared for the room to ignite with a pulsating blend of rock, pop and funk.

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