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Get ready for a musical journey that's not just about reverence but also about pure fun! This isn't your usual serious concert; it's a celebration for the fans by the fans. Join our accomplished local musicians as they explore the rich tapestry of Santana's songbook, covering a remarkable five-decade legacy. From the legendary hits to the lesser-known deep cuts, every performance is infused with both a deep respect and a playful enthusiasm for Santana's iconic sound and spirit. This live show isn't just a tribute; it's an energetic, soul-stirring party that captures the essence of a Santana concert, ensuring an experience that's as joyous and spirited as it is unforgettable. And be prepared for a few surprises and a special guest vocalist.Come and be part of a musical fiesta where every note is played for the love of the fun! 

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Early Doors Open: 6:00 pm
Early Show Starts: 7:30 pm

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