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Bird's Basement Jazz Nights!

Albare & Phil Turcio

Jazz enthusiasts, brace yourselves. The musical prowess that brought us the critically acclaimed "Beyond Belief," which soared to the top 10 of the US Jazz Charts this past April and May, is the creation of Albare and Phil Turcio. Here's a treat you don't want to miss. Albare and Phil Turcio have been musical partners since 1993, their synergy creating magic that's stood the test of time. Despite their busy schedules, which often keep them from sharing the stage, this concert is a rare opportunity to witness their unparalleled chemistry live. Their decades-long collaboration has produced some of the most memorable moments in contemporary jazz, and seeing these close collaborators perform together is an event that's truly beyond belief.

This concert promises an exhilarating experience with three out of the four virtuosos from the album: the brilliant bassist Phil Rex being the third collaborator featured in "Beyond Belief." They are joined on the stage by the dynamic drummer Andrew Swann and the masterful percussionist Salva Persico. Adding an extra layer of magic to the night is special guest, tenor saxophonist Paul Williamson, whose soulful notes are sure to captivate. Don't miss out on this fusion of genius and groove—it's bound to be a night to remember.

Jazz Guitar Today, 2024

  JGT: "You and Phil Turcio complement each other as guitarist and pianist without getting in each other’s way. Apart from listening, tell us what you are thinking about as you create this music." Albare responded, "That’s a good observation that Phil and I were commenting on the other day. We’ve been playing together since 1993. So, there is an evolution which, by the way, we take everywhere. Phil and I play in different bands and we bring that kind of playing with whoever we play with. It is true to say I play my best when Phil and I are on the same stage, we just complement each other musically, there’s no doubt about that. The second part of your question is tricky. When playing the focus is listening. You become an observer of the process. That allows your subconscious to take over". Jazz Guitar Today 2024

JW Vibe, 2024   - "There’s nothing inherently supernatural about veteran guitarist Albare’s latest album Beyond Belief – but the title appropriately captures his ever-magnificent and transcendent mastery of his instrument, his always poppin,’ deeply detailed soloing and his intuitive, often swinging interaction with pianist and longtime collaborator Phil Turcio.




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