“If there’s a choir in heaven, someday the exquisite vocalist Karrin Allyson will lead it. She’s such an otherworldly talent that the creator probably already has her on rotation." – The Houston Press

Karrin Allyson captures the hearts of her audiences with her honest, soulful vocals and her optimism and wise-cracking humor. Audiences are invited to go on an everlasting journey with Karrin’s lyrics and to live through the vast emotional range of Karrin’s pitch perfect voice.

Karrin sings dreamily in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish and five of her albums have received Grammy nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Karrin is considered to be one of the most established jazz vocalists of our time and her legacy keenly shapes the evolution of jazz today. 

Karrin is joined by Joe Chindamo on piano, Sam Anning on bass and Danny Fisher on drums.

Wednesday 24 january early show only
Thursday 25, Friday 26 and Saturday 27 early and late show
Sunday 26, early show only

Bird's Basement will be closed from 1 January for 3 weeks and will reopen January 24 with this spectacular show by Karrin Allyson.


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