All the team of Bird's Basement is joining to wish you a Happy New 2019. January is our summer holiday in Australia. Many people are away in our great city of Melbourne, despite a bit of tourism during the tennis period, we prefer to send our staff to rest as during the year, they work pretty hard.

There are a few changes that you should know when we open in Feb 1. The floor plan will be somewhat different.

Over the last 3 years we have noticed that most of our patrons would like to dance but don't have the space to do so, not anymore. We are changing the surface of our traditional premium area and this will become a great place where all ticket holders will be able to join the party. That's pretty cool because you will have a great view of the band.

There are 20 premium seats close to the stage, however we won't serve food there when the venue is busy because our waiters won't be able to access it to provide a good service.

You will notice on the map that the blue area represents the restaurant. Any tickets in the restaurant area are required to order food. Other seats in the house do not require you to order food.

We believe that by opening up the venue to welcome the ones that wish to dance, get up and boogie, will add to the experience of the club.

Until then we trust you will have a good rest.

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