• Q: Can my 15-year old child attend a show?

    A: Yes, as long as an under age child is accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

    A: We do have a lift to take you down to the venue. There are a few steps from the entrance to the floor, which our staff are more than happy to assist you with. Alternatively please see the friendly staff at our restaurant Beer Wine & Calzone directly above Bird's Basement and let them know you are here to see the show - they will escort you to the internal lift that will take you in to our venue.
  • Q: I have noticed that there are no seat number on my tickets. How do I find out where I will sit?

    A: You will be seated in the section that you have booked according to the date you booked. The first people to book usually gets the seat closer to the stage in your sections but not always! Depending of to the number of people in your party and preferences which we record and take into account when we do our seating plan. This implies that our return customers do get preferences based on their past comments.
  • Q: I have just purchased 5 tickets, will we all be seated together?

    A: Provided you purchased all tickets in a single transaction, you will be seated together. If you have not done this and wish to be seated together, please send an email through to indicating date of the event and names of people you would like to sit together.
  • Q: Is there a dress code?

    A: Minimum dress code is smart casual. Shoes must be warn at all time.
  • Q: What is My Wishlist?

    A: You can now use My Wishlist to purchase more than 1 show in the same transaction. Simply select the shows you want by pressing the Add To My Wishlist button on the show page. You will notice that the button displaying My Wishlist on the top of your browser has a number written on it. That number represents the number of shows you've selected. If you press that button, you go to your Wishlist and can purchase all shows selected in one go. 
  • Q: Do you give discounts for students?

    A: Yes. Bird’s Basement gives university students a 50% discount on seats available other than Premium A Reserve. Tickets can only be directly purchased at the door on the night. You will need to present your current university student card. You can only purchase 1 ticket per card. This is for admission price only, food and drinks are charged at normal price.
  • Q: Can I bring my baby?

    A: As well as a restaurant we are a music venue. The type of music that is played is very dynamic. By respect for the music and the patrons that pay premium seats to listen closely, we are unable to accept babies and infants until they are able to sit by themselves and be quite.


  • Q: Does the ticket price includes food?

    A: Only if you bought it with the food. When you order a ticket you have the option to choose a package at lower price than you can pay on the night. It is up to you whether you wish to order the food online or order on the night.
  • Q: Do you serve the same menu every night?

    A: Our menu changes every 3 months with the seasons. Also, our menu is served from Wednesday to Sunday as per the Food Menu page on this website. Until March 1, on Monday and Tuesdays, we serve the Pizza and Calzone from our restaurant upstairs "Beer Wine and Calzone". However, from March 1, this will be served on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Q: Do I need to make a dinner reservation?

    A: Your ticket reservation constitutes a dinner reservation as our venue is a restaurant layout.
  • Q: Do you cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free?

    A: Yes we have a wonderful selection, accommodating many dietary restrictions. Simply click on the following link to download the menu:
  • Q: What time do you serve dinner?

    A: Our venue opens at 6pm and you are welcome to order your food immediately. You can order up until the show starts at 8pm and also during the show in a silent service as to not disturb your neighbours or the act playing.
  • Q: Is there anyway to purchase a Premium A seat without eating food?

    A: Simply skip the dinner section when you are purchasing a ticket. You are able to change your mind and order on the night.


  • Q: Can I buy my tickets at the box office on the day of the concert?

    A: We recommend that you book in advance via our website or by calling 1300 BBJAZZ (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm) to ensure you guarantee a seat. However depending on availability you can buy your ticket at the box office.
  • Q: I have purchased some tickets for a dinner show, can I also stay to see the supper show?

    A: Depending on availability on the night, we can let you stay at a partial ticket rate or even with our compliments. This depends on the show, so you need to enquire each time.
  • Q: What are the different ways that I can book to see a show?

    A: You can book online through our What's On page or you can call us on 1300 BBJAZZ. You can may be able to buy tickets at the door or through Ticketmaster, depending on availability.

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