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  • What time does the venue open?

    6pm for the regular shows. Should you wish to arrive earlier please go to our bar lounge situated above the club on 352 William St (Jazz Corner Restaurant and Bar).

    When there is a second show (also called late show) the doors open at 9:45pm

  • Is there a dress code?

    Yes. Bird's Basement is a classy venue. Our minimum dress code is smart casual; we do not allow shorts or thongs. We reserve the right as per our terms and condition to refuse entry to anyone that is not dressed adequately.

  • Can children enter the club under the age of 18?

    Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. As we are a music venue and out of respect for the musicians and patrons, unfortunately, we cannot accept infants.

  • Does your venue have wheelchair access?

    We do. Simply come through 352 William St at the Jazz Corner Hotel and ask one of our friendly receptionists to help you to come down to the venue through the back of the house lift and we will be happy to help. 

  • Where is the nearest car park?

    The nearest 24hr parking is The Mint Car Park, a two minute walk from the venue, at 383 La Trobe Street, Melbourne. You may book online using Secure-a-Spot. There are metered car-parking spaces nearby on La Trobe Street and William Street : check the signs for relevant times and charges.

  • The performer has cut short their time on stage. Is any refund for this show?

    Unfortunately, whilst we hope that performers are super-human, they are made of cell as we all are and this means they can be undisposed sometimes. This is a rare occurrence, but as long as the performer does his/her best, they are entitled to their fee. It would simply not be fair to not pay a performer or partially pay because they had to cut their performance a little short. As long as the band performs as a whole for the entire show, we simply cannot consider the show as unfulfilled. This is a rare occurence and we endeavor to book bands that like to play as much as possible with the constrains of our set times (usually an hour per set).


  • How does food and beverage service work at Bird's Basement?

    Bird's Basement is designed to provide an incredible dinner and show experience. 

    Customers don’t need to book to dine at our venue (apart from booking tickets to their desired session). If ticket holders are dining, they simply need to place their food order from their table via their waiter before the show starts. Our doors (and kitchen) typically open at 6pm for our dinner shows and 9:15pm for our supper shows. We recommend arriving early!

    You have the option of ordering drinks with your waiter or by scanning the QR code on your table. You can even order some drinks with your waiter and other drinks via the QR code menu. We recommend charging your smartphone before your visit to Bird's Basement. 

    Please note that ordering through the QR code you will save up to 15%. We provide you with a free wifi service in order for you to do this comfortably.

    Please note:

    • If it wasn't for customers dining, our ticket prices would be much higher. 
    • Purchasing your ticket at least 7 days before the session helps Bird's Basement to give everyone the best experience possible. This includes giving notice to our casual staff, ordering food and preparing food.
    • The way to experience the best customer service is to arrive early.


  • I have just purchased six tickets, will we all be seated together?

    Provided you purchased all tickets in a single transaction, you will be seated together.

    If you have purchased your tickets separately you will be seated together if: 

    • your tickets were purchased using ALL of the same details including the same name, email address, phone number and postcode. 
    • you email us at from the email address used for one of the ticket purchases. Please include in the email date of the event, the name of the show, the time of the event and the names of people you would like to be seated with. For this method, you need to provide at least 2 business days notice. 

    Please note that:

    • All patrons must have the same seating category to be seated together.
    • We require at least 2 business days notice to process requests to sit people from bookings made with different details together
    • Depending on the size of the group, your group may be on multiple tables that are close to each other. This is to maintain walkways. 
    • For bookings of more than 6 tickets, we only accept bookings that are in even numbers. This is to avoid one person in your group being separated from the group. 
  • Can I reserve specific seats? There is no seat number on my ticket

    Silver, Gold and Platinum members of our Jazz Miles Club rewards program can choose their preferred seats within their ticket seating category. Visit our Jazz Miles Club information page to learn more about membership rewards and subscription fees. 

    (If you're not a Silver, Gold and Platinum member) You can choose your seating category when purchasing tickets, but you can't choose your specific seats. Your seats will be allocated by our team within your tickets seating category. This allocation typically happens before our doors open on the night of our show. 

    There are a number of factors have may influence seating now and in the future including…

    • The number of people in your booking (and playing Tetris to make sure everyone is seated within their seating category eg A Reserve)
    • How many previous shows the ticket purchaser has attended (as reported in our ticketing system)
    • How far in advance tickets are purchased (compared to other ticket holders of the same session)
    • If the customers are dining and also arrive early 
    • If the customer joined our free membership program. If you're not a member, you can join during checkout. 
    • Accessibility factors (eg if customers need to stand or have wheelchairs etc…).

    Please note: There are no guarantees that the above factors will influence your seating. The factors used are subject to change. 


  • Can I buy my tickets at the box office on the day of the concert?

    We recommend booking in advance via our website or by calling our hotline on 1300 BB JAZZ.

    Turning up on the night is taking a chance, there is a surcharge of $10 per ticket. It is best to book online before arriving at the venue and avoid any surcharge. 

  • If the show is fully booked, what can I do?

    'Sold out' means everyone has pre-paid for their tickets. If we have a cancellation the tickets go back on sale on this website. 

    Often when a show is sold out, another date may be placed on sale. We recommend checking our home page for additional dates and booking early. 

    To be the first to know about our new shows, we recommend that you:

    • Subscribe to our mailing list by signing up for our BBPoints rewards program
    • Follow us on social media
    • Regularly check our website  
    • Don't unsubscribe to our EDM as this will erase your email from our system and you won't hear from us again unless you subscribe again by going to the home page of Bird's Basement and hit subscribe on the top right corner.



  • I haven't received my tickets, how can I access them?

    Our ticketing system is designed to automatically email tickets to customers immediately following their purchase. However, if you cannot locate your tickets, it is possible that they were filtered into a spam or junk mail folder by mistake. We suggest checking these folders first for an email from or .

    Recently we discovered that iinet has placed our domain on a banned email list. This means if you are a iinet customer you will not receive emails from our support or our ticketing system. This is an unfortunate situation and we have complained to iinet. If you are a client of iinet we suggest that you complain to them too.

    Another potential reason for not receiving your tickets is ISP-related. With increasingly strict spam filters in place, it's possible that some important emails are not making it through to your inbox.

    To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our events, we have relaxed our ticket policy. If you cannot locate your tickets, simply bring a valid form of identification on the night of the event. We will be able to find you in our system and grant you entry as long as your account has been debited. Rest assured, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and will do everything we can to ensure that you have a wonderful experience at Bird's Basement. To confirm that your tickets are indeed in our system simply connect to your bbpoint account and check your credit, an increase credit will indecate for sure that your tickets are in our system. If you don't have a BBpoint account please create one in our website or give us a call to 1300 BBJAZZ

  • Can I redeem my BBPoints over the phone?

    No, BBPoints are only redeemable online.

  • How can I redeem my BB points to purchase tickets from my computer, tablet or smartphone?

    1. Simply choose your preferred performance

    2. Click “buy tickets”

    3. Select your desired tickets and click the next button at the bottom of the page
    4. Login into your BB Points customer account, using your email address and password

    5. Select “use award points” 

    6. Click the
      • "Purchase Tickets With Points Only" button, to purchase tickets with only BBPoints
      • "Purchase Tickets With Credit Card" button, to purchase tickets with a combination of BBPoints and your credit card
  • Can I purchase or redeem Gift Vouchers online?

    Gift vouchers can be purchased online at and redeemed when purchasing tickets online at .

    If you would like to redeem a legacy gift voucher (issued prior to 2023) please email or call via 1300 BB JAZZ .

    For security, please never email your credit card details to Bird's Basement. 

  • I couldn't make it to last night's show, can I get a refund?

    You are required to let us know 14 days in advance of the show to get a refund.

    After these 14 days, we can use our best endeavours to resell the tickets for you, however, if you don’t turn up to a show and wish to have a refund, there is a strict no refund policy under that particular circumstance. See our terms for more information.

  • A member of my booking can’t make the show, what should I do?

    Please email or call us on 1300 BB JAZZ . For verification purposes, this must be from the email address or mobile number that was used for the purchase. 

    One of our friendly customer service representatives might be able to assist you by issuing credit, an exchange or a refund if you provide at least 14 days notice. 

    If you are providing less than 14 days notice, they are able to assist you with an exchange or refund if they are able to re-sell your tickets.

  • Do you accept any size bookings?

    For bookings of more than 5 tickets, we only accept bookings that are in even numbers. This is to avoid one person in your group being separated from the group.