The New York Jazz Scene Now Lives in Melbourne

Birdland New York was known for being Charlie Parker’s resident Jazz club in the 1950s, and of course, his namesake.

In addition to Bird, the club has been home to many famous Jazz musicians since its opening in 1949. As Alan Morrison, the long time editor of Ebony Magazine, put it, “Birdland was both a cultural vantage point and a barometer of trends where all the big names in jazz performed”.

Melbourne is the first city to host a Birdland venture outside New York city. Bird’s Basement is the stage of past, present, and future jazz legends.

Our Location is 11 Singers Lane, Melbourne

Intimate shows for true fans

Bird’s Basement is tucked quietly away in Singers Lane near the Flagstaff Gardens - nestled below The Jazz Corner Hotel, near The Jazz Corner Cafe on William Street.

This purpose-built jazz bar has easy access by public transport, as well as a partnership with Secure Parking - The Mint - located at 383 Latrobe St. You may book online using Secure-a-Spot.

Take a look inside Bird's Basement


Although Bird's Basement is a Jazz Club in the traditional sense of the term, Jazz in the 21st century is eclectic and has become synonymous with quality music. Our programming includes Jazz, R&B, Funk, Pop and Rock. We only present the top tear of each category. 


Bird's Basement has been designed with state of the art acoustics, no matter where you sit around the venue you are guaranteed a great audible experience.


By popular demand, we are reopening kitchen at Bird's Basement!

Premium Seats receive full service 'a la carte' dinner and drinks.

We are also excited to announce that a second bar has opened in the venue to the right side of the stage.

The Seating Plan

Please call 1300 BB JAZZ for more information. 

Things you need to know


  • Please note that all seats incur a $15 minimum spend per person that will be charged on the evening. You are welcome to spend this on your drinks.
  • Tickets bought at the door on the night attract an extra $9 (including service fee). It's only a service fee of $4 when you book online.


Tickets are sold directly through our website ticketing system, or you can purchase over the phone by calling 1300 BB JAZZ . Once you’ve purchased your tickets you will receive them by email immediately. If you prefer to receive them by post or for them to be held at the box office, please call us on 1300 BB JAZZ. NOTE: if you purchase at the door, we will charge an extra $9 (including service fee) for each ticket as we want to encourage you to purchase online or phone. Our 1300 number is also a support line so if you have any issue please call us on the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 12pm to 6pm on Saturday. On public holidays when the venue is closed, so will our support line.


A BBPoints account allows you to earn points when purchasing tickets online on this website. As you accumulate points, you will be able to redeem them when making your future purchases with us with free concerts or you may even partially pay and use the balance of your BBpoints. Many clients already take full advantage of this program. To also join, simply click here to open an account. It only takes a minute.


If you've booked seats separately to a party you wish to join, simply send an email to and state the name of the party you would like to join. This will depend on availability. If you have purchased several tickets in one transaction, your seats will be together automatically. 


Pensioners and Veterans: 50% discount on A and B reserve ticket categories for pensioners and veterans (please present your card on arrival at the box office). The discount is for the cardholder only. This is available for all shows. 

Students: 50% discount on A and B reserve ticket categories on presentation of your student card at the box office. This discount is only available to the cardholder.

Musician Members of the Australian Jazz Award Academy: 50% discount on A and B reserve ticket categories on presentation of your student card at the box office, this is available to you on second shows only. On nights where there is only 1 show, 25% discount will apply. 


Doors open each night at 6pm. The Doors reopen at 10pm for late shows. Your seat will be allocated within the chosen zone by a hostess on the night.


Premium Seats will receive full service 'a la carte' dinner and drinks.


See at the bottom of each page for full details.