An album of perfectly executed numbers in a smooth jazz idiom, it successfully achieves what it sets out to do and might well mark the beginning of a wider audience for this deceptively expansive-sounding two man outfit. AllAboutJazz (USA)

 There’s an obvious deeply symbiotic musical connection between these two musicians and no denying these grooves, all dreamy sensuality and late-night cocktail hour sophistication. Rhythms (Australia)

Since releasing their album, URBANITY has experienced chart success in the United States accross Billboard charts, Smooth Jaz and traditional Jazz Radio. The band has completed an extensive tour of the United States playing in major clubs and live on radio stations.
Worth notjing: Venezurlan born, US based drummer Pablo Bencid has toured with both Albare and Phil Turcio extensively in 2012 - 2015. This is the first show Pablo is playing the sings of Urbanity. Pablo started with the Albare touring band in 2012 when he was personally recommended by Antonio Sanchez to Albare. 

Line up: Albare (guitar), Phil Turcio (keyboards), Pablo Bencid (drums) and Peter Mollica (bass).


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