Albare and Phil Turcio Combine Forces to Become URBANITY

The collaboration between Albare and Phil Turcio started 27 years ago when Albert Dadon – aka Albare – was looking for a new pianist for his band. At the time Phil had just turned 18. Since their first encounter, Phil’s and Albare’s paths keep on intersecting.  

Phil explains that he and Albare hear music in the same way, “Everything I throw at Albare comes back as if I would have played it myself.” Albare likes to describe Phil as his musical soul mate.

From beginning to end, listeners will hear the pair’s innate instincts, the perfect partnership, the gorgeous groove of two friends making music. “We love jazz beyond the traditional sense,” says Albare. “I think that Jazz of the 21st Century is all encompassing. There are no limits.” 

That thought is evident as Albare and Phil Turcio come together as Urbanity. 

Don’t miss their first album: Urban Soul.

They are joined by Gerry Pantazis on drums and Peter Mollica on bass.


"Albare's music recalls that of the Bulgarian guitarist Hristo Vitchev, who has coined the term "heartmony," which he defines as "the simultaneous combination of feelings and emotions, especially when produced by experiences, memories, and stimulations pleasing to the heart, body, and soul." This describes Albare’s current offerings very well.”  JAZZTIME (USA)

"If the path we’re moving along is as smooth and beautiful as guitarist Albare sonically paints it on this June 2013 release, we are in for good times indeed!  This Australian player’s deft strings take me back to my earliest lessons in jazz listening…” Improvisation Nation (USA)

"Albare has blossomed into a celebrated jazz guitarist who also directs the Melbourne International Jazz Festival amid other jazz-related endeavors. Here, he focuses on melodic textures via a breezy gait, employing a synth guitar and six-string electric while exhibiting an unhurried or building-block approach to soloing.” All About Jazz New York

"Airy and melodic throughout, it atmospherically embraces the fusion era of the 60s and 70s with grace, intelligence, mellifluous sinuousness, and a raft of influences ranging from Martino to Szabo to Metheny to Akkerman to Jan Schaeffer. What really strikes my ears, though, are the compositions themselves and the quartet’s handling of them—not just the playing in and of itself but the amount of thought given to create an unflagging multi-leveled timbre”, FAME (USA)

"Modern jazz guitar in the United States has become somewhat predictable. Only a handful of artists are venturing post the accepted norms as "the business" continues to point the way for players looking to have something more meaningful than a career playing some of the finer venues in New York. Albare comes to us via Australia but brings an exciting if not eclectic mix of Moroccan influences to the more mainstream lyrically oriented contemporary genre that is so prevalent in this country.” NotJustJazz (USA)

"A prolific player that shows he doesn’t have to be way out there to make his point and have himself heard, it really is like Wes Montgomery riding the space shuttle that’ll take us to Mars.” - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review (USA)

“For the uninitiated, the sound of Albare can best be linked to the classic Wes Montgomery meets George Benson riff pulled off with flair and precision. There is one.” - Brent Black, Critical Jazz

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