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C.J Commerford & The Supertones' sound has the power to wash over your soul, sweeping you back into the essential version of you.

A celebration of all moments 'analogue', imperfect but beautifully human in one's life, C.J channels this into a soulful blues rock sound. 'The Supertones' are the 5 piece backbone to CJ's vintage soul, allowing for those human moments to be fully realised.

Guitarist Lennie Farchione, bassist Aidan Efron, drummer Alex Keser, trumpet player Dave Flynn and keys/saxophonist Sebastian Farchione together with C.J create a sonic wash 'that feels simultaneously grounded and explorative' (Happy Mag, 2020).

It's this wholesome, jammy vibe, that makes every performance feel as refreshing as the last, extending an invitation to onlookers to join them in a feeling of whiskey-washed warmth and community.

Their latest single 'Sugar' heightens this spirit with hooky riffs, sultry melodies and an undeniable positive energy.

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