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TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI is a female groove band formed in 2018 in Tokyo by three Japanese session musicians, Emi Kanazashi (keyboard,vo), Juna Serita (bass.vo) and Yuriko Seki (drums,cho).

Their producer got the opportunity to live in NY for eight years in the 1980s and 2010s, and he went to around 500 music live concerts. Especially in the late 80s, he experienced creative music beyond genres, and he fell in love with groove music. As Duke Ellington said, “There are simply two kinds of music, good music, and the other kind”, he strives to produce TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI as a powerful groove band with music beyond the generations, genders, and genres. They mainly perform at various music festivals and solo live concerts. Most of the time, they get fully occupied. Since the band was formed, they have been collaborating with other musicians.

They made music videos and the video “WHAT IS HIP?” became a huge hit (over 3,000,000 views) particularly outside of Japan. In February of 2020, they went to NY and performed at live music clubs such as THE BITTER END, SHRINE, Suger, GROOVE, cafe Wha?

Famous music producer Ray Angry invited them for live performances, and they played almost every night. They’ve been playing cover songs mainly, and finally, they have started making original songs since July 2020. Juna and Yuriko graduated from TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI. (July & Sep 2020) New bass player Rina Hoshino & New drummer MiMi joined TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI. They recorded the original songs in Aug/Sep 2020. And released a single in Sep & EP album in Nov of 2020. Single “HOT SUMMER” is ranked 1st in R&B/Soul in iTunes Store (Turkey). EP “TOKYO GROOVE” is ranked 8th in R&B/Soul in iTunes Store (Japan). 

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