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Early Shows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Doors open at 6pm. Band on stage at 7:30pm.
Late Shows: Friday and Saturday. Doors open at 9:40pm. Show starts at 10:15pm.

Frank Gambale, a Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso, revolutionized guitar playing with his "Gambale Sweep Picking Technique." Born in Canberra, Australia, he rose to fame in the early '80s and quickly became renowned for his diverse musical style, encompassing rock, jazz, funk, and Latin influences. His innovative playing style, described as “ferocious” by Rolling Stone magazine, has inspired generations of musicians. Pat Metheny once said, “I’d like to take a month off and study with Frank Gambale,” while Chick Corea praised him, saying, “Everything you touch with your guitar turns gold – always has.”

Gambale’s career includes over 20 solo albums and numerous collaborations, notably a 36-year tenure with Chick Corea's Elektric Band. His discography spans solo records, projects with "Vital Information," and the acclaimed trio "Gambale, Hamm, Smith." Frank's groundbreaking techniques are documented in several instructional books and videos, making his methods accessible to guitarists worldwide. His first instructional book, "Speed Picking," was a pioneering work on Sweep/Economy Picking.

In addition to his contributions to guitar technique, Gambale developed the "Gambale Tuning System," which aligns the close-voicing chordal capabilities of the piano with the guitar fretboard. This innovation led to the creation of signature instruments with Yamaha and Kiesel Guitars. His instructional materials are widely used in schools and universities, and he frequently conducts master classes globally.

Frank’s influence extends beyond his technical prowess; his musical vision continues to push boundaries. Whether touring with his All-Star band, collaborating with legends, or teaching the next generation, Frank Gambale remains a pivotal figure in the music world, continually inspiring and innovating.

All Stars line upd

Dave Weckl drums
Renowned American drummer Dave Weckl, born in 1960, is celebrated for his dynamic style and technical prowess. He gained fame with the Chick Corea Elektric Band and has an extensive solo career. Weckl is highly influential in jazz fusion..

Dominique Di Piazza bass
French bassist Dominique Di Piazza, born in 1959, is acclaimed for his innovative fingerstyle tchnique. His work with John McLaughlin's Trio in the early 1990s brought him international recognition. Di Piazza blends jazz, world music, and fusion, leaving a significant mark on modern bass playing.

Jerry Léonide keyboards
Mauritian pianist Jerry Léonide, born in 1984, is known for his vibrant blend of jazz and Afro-Mauritian rhythms. Winner of the Montreux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition in 2013, he has captivated audiences with his intricate compositions and energetic performances, making him a rising star in contemporary jazz.

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Early Doors Open: 6:00 pm
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Late Doors Open: 9:40 pm
Late Show Starts: 10:15 pm

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